How to achieve Product Market Fit

Why do 95% of products fail... and very very few go on to become blockbusters? The answer lies in understanding the product experience - how well do businesses listen, understand and manage the experience customers have with the product. Art of Product Experience explains how to do just that.

“Behind every great product, there is someone who took the time to listen, understand and act on what customers had to say”


How to achieve product market fit for your business

Product are the raison d'etre for why businesses exist. Businesses hire their best talent for launching great products. And yet, every year 95% of product launches fail!  

At the same time, almost all the products that succeed have one key thing in common - they all follow a rabid process of researching and internalizing feedback from the end users of the product... much before the first line of code is written or the first prototype built! 

The Art of Product Experience is written in an engaging narrative style and covers real life stories of famous product launches and failures. It is also a how-to guide for product leaders with hands-on exercises and techniques to continuously listen to and understand customer experience across the product development process, from that very first ideation stage to getting the product ready for customers to buy on day one of launch!

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